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“The closest thing we have to Bill Evans that we have here in the Puget Sound”
Independent Voice


Praise for The Heart of the Matter


"It’s not quite anything I can classify, and it is perhaps the most oddly enjoyable record I’ve heard in long time."

Chris Robinson, Earshot Magazine


"Rick Waldron’s The Heart of the Matter is sure to please almost everyone in the fractured contemporary jazz world. Making creative and well-played music has always been the heart of the matter with jazz, and with this fine new disc, Waldron expertly hits that sincere heart mark."

Dan Macintosh

"...This is a wonderful third album with a very skilled composer at the center...I’d go see these guys in aheartbeat and we are lucky to have Rick Waldron in the Northwest."

Victory Review


“Waldron played voraciously, passionately....original compositions....often moving and striking..”
The Clipper

Praise for Africa

"....extremely well conceived, executed and performed..."


" ...a knowing nod from those who can appreciate quality, sincerity and precision..."


Budd Kopmann, All About Jazz  


"Africa offers a bounty of infectious and pensive music, all of it thoughtful and masterfully executed. "


"It's the perfect antidote to a bitter winter that won't go away, as well as a fine soundtrack for dancing on a warm beach. In fact, there's no season that can't be enhanced by this kind of musical joy —however you choose to categorize it."


Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz



“Passionate music driven by creativity and diversity..some tasty hooks..haunting & relaxing melodies...Rick’s engaging yet playful piano solo is refreshing, warm and sensitive."


'Nothing like on a rainy day to have a nice cup of coffee and some latin-flavored contemporary jazz from local artist Rick Waldron on your CDplayer.....sit back and enjoy and forget about the weather!'

Q13Fox News

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