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“The closest thing we have to Bill Evans that we have here in the Puget Sound”

“Passionate music driven by creativity and diversity..”

" ...a knowing nod from those who can appreciate quality, sincerity and precision..."

Piano at age 4, by the time Rick was in high school he had added trombone. guitar, bass and voice to his talents, and had begun to pen his first compositions. College included honorary scholarship and music fraternities, as well as performing, teaching, writing, arranging, and recording classical, pop and jazz music in a variety of settings. Tutors included such jazz/classical luminaries as Gary Peacock, Art Lande, Marius Nordal, Adam Wodnicki, Jerry Gray and Paris Rutherford.

During this time, Rick traveled and performed internationally with numerous acts, and appeared on stage with many pop and jazz luminaries. Rick currently lives in Washington state, and was a college music department chairman for over 35 years. In addition to his performance and recording career, he has directed musicals, adjudicated at competitions and festivals, taught privately, even supplied music, interviews and articles for radio shows.

Rick’s fourth recording, AFRICA, delves into new territory –the music continues to explore stylistic frontiers while maintaining a standard of musical excellence. The influences are there: you can hear Corea, Metheny, McFerrin, Steely Dan and many others melded into a new vocal, percussive, evolving experience.

“ I was fortunate to have some very good teachers at an early age, a supportive family, a wide variety of musical experiences, and a desire to avoid doing the same thing over and over again. I hope that my optimistic and diverse view of life comes through in the music.”

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