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AFRICA - promo video

Rick’s fourth recording, AFRICA, delves into new territory –the music continues to explore stylistic frontiers while maintaining a standard of musical excellence. The influences are there: you can hear Corea, Metheny, McFerrin, Steely Dan and many others melded into a new vocal, percussive, evolving experience.

Samba w/vocals and melodica, flute/alto flute work

World music with a cappella voices, percussion, flute

Cosmic monastery with ethereal maiden voices

Manhattan Transer - style vocals with straight-ahead sax burn at end

Sailor's vocal ballad with piano, mandolin

Jefferson Airplane tune with an asian/jazz twist - soprano sax / tablas/ bass vamp

Piano solo a la Corea, Jarrett

Meditative chant - a cappella with tablas

AFRICA - the tunes

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Personnel -

Rick sings and plays all acoustic and electric guitars, basses and keyboards. Other instruments as listed.


Soprano and Alto Flutes                     Anne Drummond

Tenor and Soprano Saxophones       Alexey Nikolaev

Drums                                                  Ken French

Congas, Percussion                             David Solomon

Tablas                                                   Chaz Hastings

Vocals -           Jen Dunton, Bev Dunton, Jill Waldron,

Nel Krueger, Erin McGaughan, John Kenning, Larry Murante 

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Standard, straight ahead. Rick plays acoustic bass and piano - (not at the same time!)

The Rocker - Elecric guitars with vocals, hot sax at end

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