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Eleven of my best - all original material for solo piano, including Heart of the Matter. 

All music composed and arranged by Rick Waldron. 
 2017 by Rick Waldron All Rights Reserved. 

Cover art by

Jennifer Waldron

to order, write me at or contact me here:

"Africa offers a bounty of infectious and pensive music, all of it thoughtful and masterfully executed. It's the perfect antidote to a bitter winter that won't go away, as well as a fine soundtrack for dancing on a warm beach. In fact, there's no season that can't be enhanced by this kind of musical joy —however you choose
to categorize it."
-Dr.Judith Schlesinger,
"Africa will most certainly bring a smile to anyone and everyone, but also a knowing nod from those who can appreciate quality, sincerity and precision"
Bud Kopman,
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